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Recarga Aki makes available for sale pre-paid airtime, electricity, water and several other virtual products through various electronic channels. We have been appointed by Vodacom, Movitel and MCel as ‘super-dealers’.

We offer our clients the largest selection of virtual products in Mozambique.

We maintain a countrywide network of approximately 7,000 agents throughout Mozambique, with a reasonably dense presence in each of the major cities as well as a growing presence in almost all of the country’s smaller towns – perhaps to a greater degree than any other financial services company in Mozambique. We aim to continue growing our agent network throughout the country.

We also sell our suite of virtual products through several of Mozambique’s banks.

Our technology platform has been operating since 2015, it is integrated directly into our various suppliers’ systems and is recognised to be stable and reliable. This enables us to supply our electronic products efficiently and in real-time.

We believe that Recarga Aki is still in its early stages of development. We will continue to expand, with the ultimate objective of being recognised as Mozambique’s most trusted and widely represented distributor of electronic products.

Recarga Aki, through the realisation of these objectives, will play its part in the elimination of much of the friction that exists currently in the commercial lives of Mozambique’s people – both urban and rural – and the operation of the country’s countless small businesses.


Mozambique is at an early stage of ICT adoption. Mobile devices are expensive, e-literacy is generally at a low level, half of the population has no access to electricity – and therefore cannot charge a mobile phone – and smart phone penetration is at a low-level.

Mozambique and its citizens are poised for tremendous long-term economic growth though. Before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Mozambique’s real GDP was forecast by the IMF to grow by 6.0% in 2020 and an astounding 11.5% in 2024, which, if achieved, will double the size of Mozambique’s economy in a little more than six years.

One of the factors underpinning the significant increase in Mozambique’s GDP growth rate will be the development of Mozambique’s gas fields. Standard Bank indicates that, the final LNG investment decision commitments could be USD128 billion by 2025, which compares against Mozambique’s GDP of less than USD14 billion currently. The development of these assets will be game-changing for Mozambique.

According to the World Bank, about 66% of Mozambique’s population of approximately 28 million people (2017) live and work in rural areas. 46% of the population is younger than 15 years old and 20% of the population is 15 to 25 years old. Mozambique’s population is forecast to grow to 30 million people in July 2020.


We have a full range of products and services that we distribute through our channel of over 7000 pos terminals throughout the country and currently growing by over 240 devices monthly.

We are operating in Mozambique as a result of our experience in electronic voucher distribution systems in the African market for well over 15 years. Our main partner ICECloud Virtual Product Logistics based in South Africa has a footprint present in other countries like Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Ghana.

Many of the young population who currently have no access to electricity or a mobile phone, will become active on the internet and will require airtime, electricity and for example the codes that enable distributed solar installations.

Our devices enable the sale of any electronic product and collect the cash sale consideration throughout Mozambique.

We facilitate and enable financial inclusion – and in so doing formalize the economy to everybody’s benefit.

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